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ISA SURVEYS is located in the strategic heart of Western Europe: a unique location with excellent hinterland connections to provide services in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany.

We are the eyes and ears of our principals and have a commitment to provide quality service in an utmost confidential manner. In order to achieve this goal, our staff has a schedule of criteria to meet our internal audit standards. We aim at issuing a preliminary report soon after the survey and keep our principals advised about the further development of the file. Our final report will be issued after receipt of full documentation and completion of our mission. Our reports can be issued in English, French or Dutch as per request of our customers.


Our surveyors are equipped with the most modern means of communication for an up-to-the-minute reporting. We provide prompt, accurate and comprehensive reports. It is one of our goals to become a near-paperless environment, capable to connect with any of our clients who desire the benefits of rapid transfer of assignments, reports and digital photos in the cloud. Communication is and will always be one of the backbones of world trading. Exchanging accurate information is vital in today’s markets.


Service In order to prevent damages during loading or unloading handlings, we offer stand-by supervision and supervise all stowage, lashing and securing operations. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are looking for some loss-prevention or legal advice. Our surveyors have many years of experience in surveys on general cargo, dry, liquid and bulk commodities, as well as in the assessment of the extent and the cause of the damages. Salvage and auction sales for account of whom it might concern will be organized by our office on the applicants demand. Car surveys are effected by specialized car surveyors, and we also take care of all your technical surveys on machinery and equipment in industrial environments. We offer all kind of road haulage (CMR) surveys throughout Belgium and the EU countries.


As the condition of the holds of a seavessel is of vital importance to avoid or at least minimize eventual damages during the sea voyage, we take care of all kind of pre-shipment surveys, including survey of the holds on cleanliness, ultrasonic testing of hatchcovers etc. Our office also offers hull & machinery survey services in order to establish nature, cause and extent of damage on naval incidents. We assist the insurance company and / or shipowner in co-ordinating the repairs on all levels and discuss the repair costs.  As we said before, we are the eyes and ears of our principals, and have a commitment to provide quality service.

Except for our skills, ISA SURVEYS takes high value of a personal relationship with the customer. By adding a personal touch in our communication and services we want to make the difference in providing the customers needs. The core business philosophy of ISA SURVEYS is to provide an independent, fast and reliable service with a direct people to people approach as befits a modern inspection company.

If you are looking for the ultimate alternative inspection partner, please feel free to contact us for more information, to provide you with a quote of any of the aspects of our business that you may require.

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